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01. Cooperative Transitional Living

Cooperative Transitional Living

Lakeside Community Committee garners residential facilities structured to teach independent living skills to pregnant and parenting teen girls.


Our residents range between the ages of 17-21.


Upon completion of the program, the young women are able to use the education and independent living skills they have acquired from the program to live on their own.

 50+ Years of Community Service

Donations Support the Mission

Lakeside Community Committee is a nonprofit, 501c3 tax exempt organization that provides social services to an underserved community.  Our agency is able to realize its mission and is sustained through tough times such as the recent pandemic partially due to the donations from givers like you!

We are grateful for your consideration of our agency to support financially.  If you need a tax-exempt letter, send your request and proof of your donation to

Click the link below to complete your donation.

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