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Statement of Beliefs

Lakeside Community Committee adheres to the following beliefs:

1. We believe in the highest ethical and professional standards, both for the agency and the employees.  In dealing with clients, members of the community, other agencies, Lakeside staff and employees must follow standards which are consistent with the mission and the ethical standards of Lakeside Community Committee.

2. We believe that our clients are entitled to programs and services of the highest possible quality.

3. We believe that our clients are worthwhile individuals with something of value to contribute to our society.

4. We believe in the use of our services to empower clients.

5. We believe in client choice and self-determination.

6. We believe staff should be provided with a good work environment.

7. We believe in the development of staff members to their fullest potential.

8. We believe in community input/involvement in the planning and implementation of program services.

9. We believe in professional services for our clients.

10. We believe our programs must be operated with the highest level of fiscal integrity.

11. We believe in strong and productive partnerships with other agencies, our community, our funding sources, and all others involved in the delivery of quality human services.

The above beliefs and attributes are essential to Lakeside Community Committee, and especially in its efforts to establish, implement, and improve a Continuous Quality Improvement Program.  All staff must believe in the agency in order to meet challenges of today and the future.

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