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04. Traditional/Relative Foster Care

Traditional/Relative Foster Care

Lakeside Community Committee's Traditional Foster Care Program is designed to enable qualified community residents to provide quality foster care services to needy children.


Once an individual or family has been selected to participate in our Foster Care Programs, Lakeside provides that family with a continuum of services designed to facilitate a positive foster care relationship.


In our Relative Foster Care Program, children are kept within their actual families (grandparents, aunts and other relatives).


Lakeside has developed a variety of effective strategies to engage relative caregivers in a hands-on-approach that involves them more quickly in the dynamics of the care giving process and that assists them in meeting DCFS standards for child caregivers.


In supporting these relationships, whether Traditional or Relative, the Lakeside staff encourages such positive values as faith, unity, self-esteem, determination and productivity.

Happy Children

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Donations Support the Mission

Lakeside Community Committee is a nonprofit, 501c3 tax exempt organization that provides social services to an underserved community.  Our agency is able to realize its mission and is sustained through tough times such as the recent pandemic partially due to the donations from givers like you!

We are grateful for your consideration of our agency to support financially.  If you need a tax-exempt letter, send your request and proof of your donation to

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